Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Child Protective Services

In the welcome section I say that Child Protective Services is "Home to the largest group of child abusers". But wait, you might say, don't they protect children from abusive parents, namely fathers?
No, they set up the environment for creating Parental Alienation Syndrome in children of divorced homes.
Look at who CPS has NOT gone after:
(1) Sexually perverted clergy
(2) Sexually perverted public school teachers (Stephanie Ragusa, Debra Lafave, etc.)
(3) Pediatricians who earn a living drugging our youth
(4) Child Mental Health Counselors (including MSW and Psychologists)
(5) Family Court

So why does CPS NOT go after these offenders? I'll give you the reasons:
(1) Separation of church and state
(2) Licensed by the local government
(3) Licensed by the state government's professional licensing board.
(4) Licensed by the state government's professional licensing board and health department
(5) Branch of the government

So who does CPS go after? Obviously the target of least resistance, who does not have a license and who works a real job all week long, so that they can't research ways to protect their innocense. The Dad/Husband.

I never got a license or certificate to be a father. All I needed was decided by my ex-wife and me. Yet, CPS questioned me after my ex-wife filed a domestic violence injunction against me. And a colleague of my ex-wife, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, was looking to frame me. Finally, in judge's chambers, the Family Court in the 6th circuit of Florida, granted that DVI against me on my ex-wife's behalf. I work all day so I, like many men, become an easy target.

The majority of domestic violence reported is woman on woman, not man on woman. So in the cases of 'suspected' man on woman violence there are children involved. Children are unwittingly separated from their loving fathers. The bitter mothers never tell the truth to the children and take them for psychological counseling. As Ron Reagan once said regarding his parent's divorce "You know for my father it was only 12 days that he didn't see me, but for me that 12 days is an eternity."

His parents got divorced back in the days when divorce was a bad word. Now, divorce is the status quo and loving father child relationships are destroyed at the hands of the Child Protective Services.

Why do we need child protective services? Maybe we could vote them out of existence. Our society has evolved and men/husbands/fathers are not as volitale as in prior generations. So now if a father tells his son, "If you don't do as I say, no XBox for you", he can get physically removed from his house for domestic violence.

I wish you peace.

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